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Don’t allow any emotion to stop you from taking action. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ”Feel the fear and do it anyway”. Allowing yourself to take action despite the fear is what makes a true hero. Fear can often be the sign of good common sense kicking into action.

While choosing a punch bag, be careful about its weight. It should not be too heavy or to light. While bags that are too light a bag will move faster, the ones that are too heavy will not […]

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Grab a book: Escape from the everyday by getting sucked into a good book. If you don’t have any on hand, the Internet’s filled with great stories to tempt your imagination.

Noah, however, only smiled; but he grew serious again when Og brought a unicorn. It was as big as a mountain, although the giant said it was the smallest he could find. It lay down in front of the Ark and Noah saw by that action that he must save it. For some time he was puzzled what to do, but at last a bright idea struck him. He attached the huge beast to the Ark by a rope fastened to its horn so that it could swim alongside and be fed.

The emotion is not bigger than we are. Sometimes we are fearful of allowing ourselves to really go with an emotion because it threatens to overwhelm us. In reality, that almost never happens. What makes the feeling so powerful is the energy we put into not admitting we are feeling it. Fear, anger, guilt, and resentment — these are all like small children pulling at your leg. They get louder and louder until you finally ask what they want. 99% of the time, their response is ”nothing”. What they wanted was your attention, and now that they have it, they can move on.

Interval training involves alternating high-intensity exercise with active recovery periods. An example would be sprinting in an all out effort for 100 m followed by a recovery walk for 400 m. Intervals can be done on any machine that steady-state is done on as well as outside. You can also use a […]

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